Caring for your Health as a Surrogate

Surrogacy is, first and foremost, an act of kindness, and surrogates deserve the finest healthcare possible. At Global Fertility Concepts, the health of a surrogate, as well as the health ofthe baby they will be carrying for the parents to be, is always a priority. Indeed, our concern for a surrogate’s health begins well before the first embryo transfer. These steps include:

Health Screenings and Psychological Evaluations:  Gestational surrogacy is a major commitment and not everyone can or should take on this enormous responsibility. For obvious reasons, it is necessary to ensure that there is no sign of a range of illnesses, most importantly, sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, etc.) as well as hepatitis. Psychological factors are also of great importance.

An important note: women who we determine may not be good fits for this procedure for whatever reason should in no way blame themselves; surrogacy is simply not for all women. GFC is committed to conducting these evaluations in the most caring and sensitive manner possible.

Physical and Mental Preparation: As we begin the matching process between you and the intended parents, we will focus on making sure you are physically and mentally prepared. After all, this pregnancy may be unlike any one you’ve had before. This will include working with a highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable medical team who will inform you in detail about any medications you may have to take before and during the pregnancy, as well as on a range of matters, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will also work to make sure you understand the process and know what to expect at every stage. While surrogates must have already given birth, being a gestational surrogate is inherently different from traditional childbearing, and they should understand how this experience will differ from the past.

Ongoing Care: As the date of the birth arrives, our outstanding medical team will be intensely focused on the health of both the gestational surrogate and the baby. Intensive monitoring, including regular ultrasounds and checkups throughout the pregnancy period will be routinely performed. As the date of delivery nears, GFC works closely with both surrogates and parents to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Once the baby is born, we will also provide all of the necessary care to ensure a physically and psychologically healthy recovery for the mother.

At Global Fertility Concepts, your health, comfort and happiness are a priority at all times. It is our goal that gestational surrogates should have a fulfilling experience that will help them to achieve their life goals and that they will look back on fondly. For further details, contact us today.



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