For The Parents - The Process

For The Parents

At Global Fertility Concepts, our staff is committed to making you feel informed and comfortable from the moment we meet.  As you begin your journey with us, we’ll start by asking you many questions and listening very carefully to your answers.  Here’s how it the process works:

  •  Initial consultation discussion begins:
  • Understanding the process
  • Surrogacy made easy
  • How to grow your family through surrogacy
  • Exploring your individual needs and expectations
  • Create your individualized surrogacy plan


  •  Finding you the right surrogate
  •  The match meeting consultation
  •  Match meeting with your surrogate
  •  Together we build your team of experts:
  • Global Fertility Concepts: 

 Meeting your case manager and support team

  • Attorney: 

 Meeting your attorney and discussing legal matters

  • Select your IVF Center: 

 Match sheet submitted for match introduction

  • Insurance Company:

 Determine coverage needed



  •  Clinical Process begins
  •  Pregnancy achieved
  •  Surrogate graduates from IVF center
  •  Surrogate and records are transferred to obstetrician
  •  Ongoing communications, support, guidance by GFC team
  •  Delivery of your baby!


Throughout this process, we seek every opportunity to make the impossible possible; all while making it look easy!






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