Our Approach

At Global Fertility Concepts, our approach is always personal. And we recognize, understand and respect that each person has their own unique story that led them to us. We are mindful that every individual or couple is on their own personal journey of possibility, and therefore our approach must be carried out with a clear understanding of those personal needs in mind.

To achieve this, we begin with what we like to call our discovery process. Understanding who you are and the challenges you face is the topsoil into which we plant the seeds for a healthy and successful outcome. With clear objectives in mind, we can then create a plan that establishes the framework for precise implementation by our team of professionals, who take great pride in everything they do. And all of this is achieved because of the relationship we build with our most important partner … you.

True Partnerships Throughout Your Journey

We firmly believe surrogacy is not a one-sided process. Indeed, we consider it to have multiple facets where open and honest communication cultivates the kind of true partnership we at Global Fertility Concepts embrace.

From fostering close working relationships with experts in our field, to making the most of our own expertise, we pride ourselves in successfully partnering with professionals who share our same values and beliefs. This keeps us at the forefront of your care and with your personal journey to parenthood our top priority. By fostering true partnerships, we are confident that every aspect of the surrogacy process becomes whole and complete. And rest assured knowing that you have a team of partners around you who are committed to helping you achieve your dreams, will give you an added sense of clarity, confidence and comfort.

The Partnership Between You and Your Surrogate

One of the most important partnerships you will ever have will be between you and your surrogate. Establishing a relationship that is truly authentic and built around trust, honesty and meaningful discussions must be the fundamental cornerstones to a successful outcome. At Global Fertility Concepts, we pride ourselves in working to establish a healthy partnership between our client and their surrogate. We understand this can sometimes be a difficult and sensitive process for everyone involved and we believe that emotional honesty is key to a successful and happy outcome.

A Simple Approach

At Global Fertility Concepts, our approach is simple. We focus on helping to build a partnership based on the expectations of our clients. We realize that for some, a more personalized approach is important, while others may prefer to keep some distance. But our work doesn’t stop there. We continually discuss and make every effort to meet your needs accordingly. And we never stop listening.





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