Selecting a Surrogate

Many of the concerns typically expressed by intended parents who are exploring gestational surrogacy boil down to one question: “Who will my surrogate be and how will I ensure she’s the right person?” It’s a natural question. After all, the surrogacy process involves a significant investment of time, emotion, and finances. Intended parents naturally want to be ensured of the best possible outcome.

Choosing a surrogate through Global Fertility Concepts begins with a rigorous and detailed screening regimen. This process includes a detailed study of the surrogate’s background and values in addition to a thorough review of her past pregnancy and delivery medical records by our nursing experts. In addition, all prospective surrogates must undergo an extensive interview process with our trained professionals. 

This matching process requires a strict methodology and best practices. Specifically, prior to being accepted into the Global Fertility Concepts surrogacy program, an in-home visit and assessment will be conducted to ensure the prospective surrogate is living in a safe and healthy environment. The final step requires that she undergo a complete history and physical examination by a reproductive endocrinologist that also includes a pelvic ultrasound and laboratory testing. Just as important, we work with intended parents to develop a truly comprehensive picture of their hopes, needs, and desires, as well as their cultural values as they relate to having a child. Once we have assessed all the information, our matchmaking experts will be able to identify the best and most suitable partnership between the intended parents and the surrogate. 

Our highly detailed approach to surrogate selection has proven to be highly effective, and we work diligently to ensure that all parties hold similar views on the birthing process. Of course, intended parents and surrogates always make the final decision regarding whether gestational efforts will go forward. However, thanks to our highly detailed preparatory work, we have found that both intended parents and prospective gestational surrogates generally agree after their preliminary meeting that they will go through the birthing process together.

Following Up

The selection of the right surrogate is only one part of the process. Global Fertility Concepts is dedicated to providing detailed follow-ups to ensure all aspects of surrogacy go as smoothly and productively as possible.  In cases where surrogates and intended parents do not live in close proximity, meetings are conducted via video to ensure good communication and to make sure that all parties are up to date on the progress of gestational efforts.

Making the choice for gestational surrogacy is always a big decision but, with the help of the right agency, it is also nearly always a highly rewarding experience that all parties cherish for many years to come. If you are interested in starting or enlarging your family with the help of gestational surrogacy, contact Global Fertility Concepts today at the phone number above or by reaching out via e-mail through our contact page.

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