Better Screening Means Better Results

Bringing a child into the world is perhaps the single most intimate and complex undertaking that individuals may ever experience. Doing so with the help of a surrogate can often add to that complexity. It’s therefore only natural that intended parents who have decided to explore gestational surrogacy have many questions about the process.

We understand that by starting a family with the help of a surrogate, intended parents are putting their trust on an agency and a whole team of people to help make their dreams come true. For some couples and individuals, this may be their one and only chance at conceiving a child, and only a healthy and experienced surrogate can make this a possibility.

With that in mind, we make it our priority for all prospective gestational surrogates to benefit from outstanding physical and mental health as determined by a medical specialist. However, understanding the exact nature of a potential surrogate’s overall situation, as well as her past experiences giving birth, can be a highly complex manner often involving literally hundreds of pages of medical information. Going through all the data can be an overwhelming task for even the most dedicated and knowledgeable physician.

At GFC, we have improved the surrogate screening process by allowing our highly experienced team of specialized registered nurses to comb through the high volumes of medical records and develop a concise but highly detailed medical review summary that identifies the most important and relevant information at a glance. In fact, GFC is the only known agency with this kind of specialized team that prepares their surrogate information in this particular manner. This allows physicians and others to quickly see the most important material regarding the prospective gestational surrogate’s medical background. That way, only the best surrogates are accepted so that intended parents can have a highly successful and smooth surrogacy journey.

Physicians have widely praised the Global Fertility Concepts approach to providing medical information. They tell us that it helps them to form a complete understanding of a prospective surrogate’s situation, while also providing additional time to more fully investigate her ability to carry a baby to term in the healthiest way possible.

Benefits of the Screening Process 

Starting a family with gestational surrogacy is a deeply personal journey that requires an extremely thoughtful approach on behalf of both intended parents and surrogates. It’s crucial to ensure that the surrogate will be able to complete the process in a healthy and positive manner and that everyone involved is comfortable with the experience.

Experts in the gestational surrogacy field agree that, when combined with other steps like highly detailed in-home meetings with prospective surrogates, efficient and detailed screenings provide both intended parents and surrogates with a high degree of confidence that the experience will be a positive one for everyone involved. 

Getting Started

Whether you are an intended parent contemplating adding a new member to your family or a surrogate who would like to help others experience the joys and fufillment of parenthood, Global Fertility Concepts is here to help you begin the process. Please feel free to contact us at the phone number on this page or reach out to us via-email through our contact page

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