The GFC Values

GFC Values At Global Fertility Concepts, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to start a family. We understand that the desire to bring about a new life into the world is among the most natural and noble ambitions, and, at the same time, perhaps the single most important decision most people will ever make.  Knowing this gives us a strong sense of inspiration and has helped define the values we are committed to fulfilling.


At Global Fertility Concepts, we believe in doing business honestly.  We value close relationships with our clients.  We deliver the most accurate advice and counsel possible with the highest degree of integrity.


We work together as a team with every intended parent and surrogate by leveraging our skills, expertise and experience that makes the whole process greater than the sum of its parts.  When we put all of these strengths together, we accomplish wonderful things… the joy of a new life.


We make our clients’ dreams of a family our passion and we define our success entirely by the results we achieve from the services we provide.  We believe that each moment is an opportunity for us to create new beginnings and opportunities.


We understand the overwhelming passion and desire to become a parent and we see the entire process from all angles.  We put ourselves into the shoes of our intended parents and surrogates and then we put our best foot forward to distinctly understand their feelings.


We are here to serve and to do our best to keep a sense of perspective about the process entrusted with us.  We are comfortable with our own humanity and know that no one is perfect.  This truth keeps us humble.


We ask every question that needs to be asked and we never stop listening. We make each engagement with our clients as successful as possible and we step outside the box to seek all available resources that will help to improve the overall experience and outcome.


We are driven to bring new ideas and higher ethical standards to the industry that we serve and we will uphold ourselves to those standards by using our expertise, analysis and creativity to fulfill the greatest potential on all levels.


We value the promises we make and we do exactly what we say we will do, when we say we’ll do it.   We will communicate with our intended parents, surrogates and team members throughout each step of the process.  And we are committed to being your strongest ally as you begin the most important process of your life.


We find joy in what we do.  We love taking care of our intended parents and surrogates, and we seek every opportunity to make the impossible possible, all while making it look easy.

The Next Member of Your Family

At Global Fertility Concepts, we understand the numerous gifts that being a parent continually brings about, such as the deep sense of joy and contentment when seeing your newborn child’s face. But whether your desire to pursue a family stems from wanting to create a legacy, to invest the same love and care you received as a child into one of your own, or simply because it feels like it’s the right time, we welcome you to take this next step with us.
One of the most important aspects of any society is how it cares for its children. At Global Fertility Concepts, we believe that good child-care starts well before the baby is born, and that’s why we are here to deliver an experience that you will cherish forever. If you are ready to step into the joys and responsibilities of a family, contact us today for any questions regarding surrogacy and fertility.

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