A Healthy, Natural Birth

The decision to have a child is one of the most personal and significant choices most people will ever make. That is why families seeking reproductive solutions need to be certain that they are choosing a caring, reputable, and fully qualified fertility services provider. We at Global Fertility Concepts offer much more than simple matchmaking services for intended parents and surrogates. In fact, we provide prospective parents with complete guidance through the entire fertility journey, from counseling, surrogacy selection, to in vitro fertilization (IVF), and a great deal more.

Here’s how it works: Intended parents start their journey with a free initial consultation, either in-person at our Beverly Hills location, or virtually over the Internet. During this meeting, which generally lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, we will create a comprehensive intended parent profile that identifies your individual needs, preferences, and expectations.  Afterwards, we will guide you through every step of the surrogacy process, including introducing you to a potential surrogate. If everyone involved is comfortable with each other, we will then draft the necessary documentation and begin the clinical practices to work toward surrogate pregnancy. This means that our medical team will work closely with your fertility clinic to arrange all the necessary tests and medical steps that are needed to ensure the greatest chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

As an intended parent, you are naturally committed to using a truly outstanding fertility and surrogacy service provider. Rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. And now you are one step closer to fulfilling your dream of parenthood.  Global Fertility Concepts is here for you.


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