Find a Surrogate Mother the Right Way

At Global Fertility Concepts, we are committed to helping hopeful intended parents find just the right surrogate mother to help make their dreams of parenthood a reality in the most appropriate and emotionally complete manner possible. We are dedicated to creating a positive environment for all of our clients and gestational surrogates, providing a wide-range of services and a genuine, caring approach to ensure the best possible experience for all concerned. We also understand also, that everyone we work with has busy lives and may have other important obligations. We’re adept at working around busy schedules and tight travel arrangements.

Part of what makes Global Fertility Concepts a superior surrogacy agency is our commitment to everyone’s needs. We’ve created a system of communication that allows parents to go to their new baby’s important appointments, such as the ultrasound and embryo transfer, even if they are a very long distance away. When needed, we can even set up a real-time video system so that you can feel like you’re in the hospital room, even if you’re at work or home in a different state. We also offer special services to international clients who wish to build families in the United States.

Global Fertility Concepts offers free initial consultations with no risk at all. It’s the perfect opportunity to get answers to all of your surrogacy questions. If you’re interested in learning more or finding out how to become a surrogate , call our office today. We’re eager to help you build your family.


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