The Surrogacy Journey

If you’re interested in making someone’s dream of parenthood a reality, then consider your choice to be a surrogate can dramatically change the lives of intended parents of all types for the better. Global Fertility Concepts is a completely new type of fertility services provider that supports its surrogate mothers through every step of the journey. From consultation, meeting the intended parents, pregnancy and beyond, you will be carefully and compassionately guided by our experienced staff and clinical team to ensure the greatest chances for success. When you choose to join Global Fertility Concepts as a surrogate, you will be joining a truly extraordinary group of women who have made the commitment to give the gift of life and enrich the lives of others.

If you’re a female between the ages of 21 and 38 and have formerly given birth, you may be eligible to become a surrogate. If so, please review the preliminary requirements listed on our website. If you meet all the criteria and feel prepared to bring another child into the world, we invite you to fill out the surrogate survey questionnaire to ensure that you are qualified. Of course, we understand that, surrogacy has many demands and that compensation is obviously necessary. We at Global Fertility Concepts generously compensate our surrogates so that they can continue to realize their dreams and goals during and after the pregnancy journey. We hope that, along with giving the gift of life, the compensation will help you make the very most of your life. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, please contact us today.

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