Becoming a surrogate

Becoming a surrogate

For Intended Surrogates

In our experience, former surrogates often describe feelings of joy and a sense of fulfillment in helping intended couples or individuals carry out their dreams of having a family. When you decide to join Global Fertility Concepts as a surrogate, you will become part of an extraordinary group of women who have selflessly devoted themselves to enriching the lives of would-be parents by giving the gift of life. 


At Global Fertility Concepts, we have designed a unique, one of a kind surrogacy program that focuses on the health and wellness of our surrogates to ensure they have an enjoyable, stress-free, and fulfilling experience.  We also realize how important it is that you have the support you need to help guide you through this process. To us, every surrogate is unique and has very individualized needs.  To assist with meeting those needs, our specialized team of fertility and obstetric nurses will be available to answer your questions and help you understand what to expect throughout your journey.  Our team of highly experienced individuals will work closely with you to ensure you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision when selecting would-be parents; we want to ensure that they share your values and are the right fit for you.  

At the same time, we at Global Fertility Concepts generously compensate our surrogates so that they too will be able to follow their dreams.  And although we understand that surrogacy is not all about the surrogate pay, we realize that monetary compensation can help ease financial burdens and change your life in many new and exciting ways. 

Surrogacy Requirements

Here’s how we begin:

As an intended surrogate, we’ll start by having you review the preliminary requirements listed below.

You must:

  • Be a female between the age of 21 to 38
  • Be responsible with a healthy lifestyle
  • Have delivered one or more children that you are currently raising
  • Have had no complications with past pregnancies
  • Be a citizen of the U.S. or have the legal right to work in the U.S.
  • Be a non-smoker and live in a non-smoking residence
  • Be a non-drug user and have no history of drug abuse
  • Have no history of arrests
  • Own a vehicle or have reliable transportation
  • Not be on federal or state financial assistance (some forms of assistance may be acceptable; please inquire for further information)
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) no greater than 28-32
  • Be willing to undergo a criminal background check
  • Be willing to undergo psychological screening
  • Be willing to undergo a medical history and physical examination
  • Be willing to undergo screening tests (STDs, nicotine, hepatitis, etc.)

Because your health and wellness is of the utmost importance to us, these requirements have been put in place to protect your health and the health of the future newborn. If you meet the criteria and feel ready to bring a beautiful new life into the world, we invite you to submit the surrogate survey questionnaire to see if you qualify. Along with the future intended parents, you too are on a very special journey and we want to be with you every step of the way.