Global Services and Coordination

For intended parents who live abroad, building your family through surrogacy in the US can, at times, feel overwhelming.  As an international client of Global Fertility Concepts, you can feel confident in knowing that our international team understands your individual needs and is extremely sensitive to and respectful of the cultural differences from all continents, worldwide.

Most services can be completed with minimal travel for our clients abroad simply because of our experience with international coordination.  Our team is able to seamlessly orchestrate your surrogacy journey from beginning to end by scheduling continuous consultations and discussions for you throughout the entire process. And whether it is by telephone, email or video chat, our international clients can experience consistent, informative and ongoing communications with the highest quality of care and attention.

As advocates for your journey to parenthood, Global Fertility Concepts will gladly step in on your behalf for those important visits with your surrogate when you are not able to be there. Our program offers video visits so that you can actually participate in real-time if you are unable to attend the milestone appointments in person.  This allows you to be right there in the same room with your surrogate for moments such as the embryo transfer, ultrasound, fetal heartbeat visit, and the delivery. 

And rest assured – your surrogate will be in good hands.  Maintaining regular, ongoing communication with our surrogate mothers is standard for Global Fertility Concepts. During your absence, we will function as an extension of you and carefully monitor your expectations closely with your surrogate to ensure a healthy and happy outcome. 

For those who are able to travel to the US, full arrangements can be made in a concierge fashion for the complete comfort of each intended parent.  For Global Fertility Concepts, it doesn’t matter where you live, we are committed to helping you build your family through our specialized international services program that assists individuals from every continent worldwide.  Equally important, and regardless of location, we are extremely respectful of the unique cultural preferences of all our international clients.

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